A  R  A  U  Z

     …who am i? the girls dem sugar. how can i, make love to a —-

      (Beenie Man. “Who am I (Sim Simma)” Lyrics. VP Records.1998)

Ohhhhkay. Focus.

And this, ladies and gentlemen,  is how my mind works.

Even in introducing myself I am interrupted by song lyrics and quotes that my mind associates with the situation at hand. A musical score for every step I take.  I am in a constant state of creating.

But I digress—

I am a poet, artist and singer by design and an educator by calling.

I am a Garifuna-descendant, a Delta Diva, teacher, friend, Títí, wife, sister and daughter who can remember writing personalized stories for my second grade classmates. Filler paper folded in half and then another half. Penciled illustrations and a story complete with their  friends and enemies embroiled in whatever drama my seven year-old mind could muster. I lived in the South Bronx. My Catholic School novels were well worth your lunch money: 25¢ cents apiece. 75¢ if you only wanted it folded twice.

I am a writer.

And I enter the blogging world to get back to this first love; to get re-acquainted over sweet talk and soft light; to salvage the poetic lines that keep being buried under piles of half-graded essays and to remind myself that words do more than give my nephews the business or my husband the weekly ‘honey-do’ list.

WORDS create and capture BEAUTY.

Wanna see?

I’ll show you.

And since we’re talking beauty and creativity and a return to dreaming—

it’s only fair that you show me yours.



12 thoughts on “HERE I AM

  1. SPEC…..(yelling)…..congrats

    Acting the only way a 3 knows how to act when showing luv (out of control), so happy for you


  2. I think you have a beautiful mind and your words are powerful. I love to write as well, and I’m so happy to have found someone that is from my same background and expresses themselves the way you do.

    God bless,
    E. Arauz

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