…building me a home


The opening credits of Spike Lee’s SCHOOL DAZE rolled images of brown college students across time while powerful voices echoed the spirituals of yesteryear with the thunderous “I’m Building me a Home.”

Now living in Atlanta, a short drive from the Atlanta University Center where the legendary Morehouse and Spelman stand, I know that the Morehouse College glee club were singing in the style of their forefathers, but I was transfixed with the sound, the feel and the idea that every decision we make creates a space for our souls to reside and flourish.

I am house hunting.

I have been told that I haven’t been looking long. To be patient. But I am eager to know what my life will look like and that requires knowing where I will lay my head. Will I be closer in-town with access to the artistic haunts I am determined to frequent? Will I find myself in a suburban cul-de-sac tending perennials? Will I live in the inconvenience of a renovation or luck up on a property that is move-in-ready…already sleek and pretty? Where I land will shape my days so I am eager to know where that will be.

Because this is a season of transition.

My partner-in-art is relocating. The irony of my writing a thank you, a tribute in her honor and then learning shortly after that she was leaving is not lost on me. There I was talking about how proud I was of her growth as an artist without knowing that I would be made to dedicate myself to my own art. I will no longer have her as a life line to the jam sessions, creative minds and striving artists in the city that I only see through a teacher’s eyes. She inspired me. Now I need to follow her example and get to living as an artist.

It is part of the transition that is already in motion.

And I wish us both the best on the next leg of this journey.

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