You can find

The Lord and Savior

Ordering a seafood roti

On Gates and Linden


Bible study is canceled

Jah is sure to come in for

Saturday sorrel

Bun and cheese


They will sit

Talk loc maintenance

Speculate about real estate trends

Trade cooking secrets


Auntie will call greetings from the kitchen

They will answer that they are blessed

Lester will set down a duffle bag of DVDs

To play a sample movie


They will shake their heads politely

Jah will ask for Bob’s1980 Peace Concert

Lester will promise to have it next week

The lord will remind him he said that last week

Drawn by word or dream

Neighborhood kids will press their faces

Between the beef patty ad and faded jook-jook posters

Will be invited in for patties and coco bread


They will squeeze onto laps

Scrape chairs along checkerboard tiles

Clamor to their rightful place



I will

Eaves drop

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