Wrist Game

She wielded them like amulets...


It was not silly at all 

She wielded them like amulets 

Green dinosaurs 

Yellow trucks 

Pink glasses 

Orange dolphins 

Black princesses 

Patterns and hues wound around both wrists 

793 so far 

Sometimes random zigzags of color and shape 

Other times a carefully crafted color wheel 

Depending on the air 

Or which words were spat her way 



A waste 


She’d rip open a new bag 

His words ringing in her ear as she sorted 

Red to smash stupid 

Orange to smack down pitiful 

Yellow to trash waste 

Purple was particularly powerful against 


Shape didn’t matter 

                          Though music notes were her new favorite 

It was about protection 

From this man 

Who invaded her home 

Bitter words dripping from his past failures 

She his decided target 

Her mother his decided refuge 

She tried to warn her mother that he was draining all the color 

But he talked indigo 

Exhaled mauve 

Mixed colors her mother hadn’t felt before 

She was left no choice 

She took matters into her own hands 

Five dollars at a time 

Rainbows from wrist to elbow 

Chanting like incantation 

I’m rubber you’re glue… 

I’m rubber you’re glue… 

Planting black princesses for her mother to find 

Waiting for her to remember 

That they were made of light 

Drew from every color 

Like magic 

So his muddied palette was unnecessary 

They were 





And once she reached 


She knew her mother would remember 

Who they already were 


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