I am a foodie.

Undeniably so. But in this new year, I seek to remember the vegetarian and vegan dishes and ingredients that I enjoyed when I was far more disciplined in my eating. My lack of discipline has led to my joining the legions of people resolving to lose weight, eat better…etc.

In my goal to return to healthier eating and more home cooking, I will chronicle the healthy food experiences I enjoy in hopes of quelling the craving for fast, easy and unhealthy choices.

I know how to do this. It’s go time.


CAFE SUNFLOWER Vegetarian Restaurant

2014-12-31 19.35.47

spring rolls|black bean and potato croquettes

2014-12-31 19.42.17

patty |jasmine rice | kale and sprouts

seitan| cauliflower mash | kale


Christmas Dinner

2014-12-25 18.49.19

VEGAN POT PIE: Sweet Potato | Tomatoes, Vegetables, Beans | Panko Bread Crumb topping

BEET and CORN Salad | TEXTURED SOY with Brussel Sprouts

2014-12-25 17.13.53

2014-12-25 18.09.262014-12-25 15.44.47








11/ 27/14


2014-11-27 12.17.05

VEGAN MAC and CHEESE inspired by Soul Vegetarian Restaurant

2014-11-27 16.24.55

Curried SEITAN ala Whole Foods in Butternut Squash | COUS COUS with apples and grapes

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